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Hack your way through beginner-friendly labs teaching you the fundamentals of penetration testing

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Realistic domain controllers and active directory services to practice real world skills

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About CyberSeclabs

At CyberSecLabs, we aim to provide secure, high-quality training services that allow information security students the opportunity to safely learn and practice penetration testing skills.


Perfect Rain

"CSL has enabled me and coworkers to learn ethical hacking, easily. It has a very low entry barrier, that makes it easy for new people such as myself to use the service. The support team has been great as well!"


"As a consumer of CyberSecLabs, I can recommend this platform to anybody that is looking to gain practical penetration testing experience no matter the background of the person. CyberSecLabs has proven itself to be unique and helpful as the creators of both labs and CTFs have incorporated realistic approaches to their challenges while each lab helps you learn stepping-stones across the spectrum to gain more skills in the cybersecurity field. When I started using CyberSecLabs, I was very impressed that the platform offers much variety to the machines and challenges ranging from easy to hard difficulties, offering the user a grandiose experience to start from little knowledge to gain much experience."


"Cyberseclabs are not only great for beginners, but also for those who are experienced in penetration testing and boot-to-root hacking labs. I personally have had prior experience, and I found cyberseclabs to be very useful for continuing my penetration testing skillset. One of the things I like about cyberseclabs is that the boxes are challenging, as well as very realistic without being too “CTFy”. Another point of note: cyberseclabs are very affordable, which unfortunately is pretty rare when compared to other mainstream resources. I would definitely recommend cyberseclabs to anyone looking to learn or practice penetration testing skills."